These CD's are AWESOME! I can't stop playing myself!

Hello, I had downloaded this game last night. It's GREAT! I play the game with my kid to solve all the puzzles, all I can say, "It's amazing, for musical joy." 

On behalf of my daughter, Anna, I wish to thank you for your patient explanation. I sat next to her this morning as she successfully, and with intense interest, found and played the tree game. My compliments on your achievement of a tool for drawing people into real listening to real music. May this and your other CD music-based games reach a wide public!

Joel Suben, Save The Music, Inc. (Magic Flute)

This game was a last minute impulse buy for Christmas for my 6 year old son. Little did I know that it was to be the most popular gift out of all those I purchased all year! As a classical music fan, I am thrilled with the understanding of music that it has given my children. While the game is intended to be played by children, I would also recommend it for adults who want to train their ears to hear individual orchestral instruments or gain a better understanding of musical composition.

The product description promises musical jigsaw games, musical trivia, an instrument encyclopedia, and more, but it does not even come close to doing justice to the hours of fun this game has provided my kids. Even my four and two year old sons play with this game. I do recommend that you find or buy a cd of The Magic Flute or excerpts from it prior to introducing the game to your children as they won't be able to get enough of the music once they start playing it! My kids now listen to a cd of the Magic Flute every night before bed. I tried to replace it the other night with a traditional lullaby cd and was met with a collective hue and cry to "puhleeeeeeeeeze put back Mozart..."

A couple of neat items in the game...

1) There is a game where a sound clip of Mozart's Magic Flute is played. The player then listens to other clips from various sections of the opera which have been sped up or slowed down and chooses the match for the original clip. This is fantastic for training the ear to recognize tempo and chord progression.
2) There is a section where the children can read a child-friendly description of the libretto of the opera while they listen to the music.
3) There is a game in the program that allows the children to "mute" certain instruments while a piece is playing so that they can hear how the instruments sound together or separate and what parts they play.
4) There is also an instrument encyclopedia which not only plays a sample of each instrument but also speaks the definition aloud for children who have not yet learned to read well.
5) The narration in the program is NOT, I repeat, NOT smarmy, annoyingly brash, condescending, or overly peppy as are many children's programs. It is done very tastefully but still very engagingly.

This program should be at the top of your list of educational games to purchase for any kids you know or any adults who love classical music. I cannot wait for my other Interactive Classics' items to arrive. I hope they keep producing more and more- and if someone from their company happens upon this review, I'd like to request that they do something with Beethoven's Ninth Symphony!!!

Comment on Amazon.com (Magic Flute)

Please make a game for Bach!
I hope the Beatles will really sound like the Beatles, no muzak please!

Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker the music Game is fabulous. Children in Puerto Rico are very fond of the Nutcracker. There are over 20 performances every year. If the game were in Spanish, it would be an even greater best seller over here.Thank you very much! 

Aldo R. Torres, Puerto Rico (Nutcracker)

Thanks! The program is great; I especially like the fact that there is a good audio explanation of the different games right at the beginning. Thanks.

Roxanne (Magic Flute)

The game was fun for my son he had a great time playing it I was not able to watch because he locked himself in the room but the titles were his suggestion since he plays classical music on the piano.

Thank you very much! I am a piano teacher. I bought more Nutcracker Games for my students as presents. They love it. My daughter is 8 - can't stop playing.

Victoria Lambrozo


Thank you. My students have tried the games and had a great time. They have been more enthusiastic about our music listening classes on the Nutcracker. Thank you for making music education fun and modern!

Pamela M. Johnson 

Special Ed Teacher letter from Australia:
I said that I would let you know how I got on with Down Syndrome boy and the Magic Flute etc. You will be pleased to know that it was an amazing experience and he loved it, so much so that after we had had one session playing games etc., every time he came into music room he would head straight for computer and say 'Flute". So, I decided to let him play as a treat at the end of every session I had with him. One of his aides observed him during a session and she thought that it was a marvelous concept and my colleague teacher fell in love with the whole idea, so much so that I gave her my copy of 'magic flute' as that was her favourite when I finished my internship last week, and she wants to order more copies for the other school she teaches at so am sending her the Amazon address for ordering. So I'll have to get another one for myself now! I also used Nutcracker in a Prep/Gr.1 class with some low learners and other chn. All chn. absolutely besotted with that game as well, as well as their teacher! Then I used it with some older Gr 3 and 4 chn. the other day because we couldn't use the music room as piano was being pulled apart, so we went into the library and I put all three of the activities onto computers - it was hard to tear chn. away to leave for recess. I think the nicest aspect of your software is the quality of the music and the fact that it's a wonderful way of introducing chn. to classical music, and the beautiful graphics. My little DS boy got really good at recognizing instruments and naming them by the end of last week. He's actually 5 yrs old but his mental development is probably that of a 2-3 yr. old. So, there you are, I would certainly recommend that they can be used for special needs chn. as well as for anyone else from chn. to adults. The only thing that I would recommend for special needs chn. is that a mouse is used with only left click. I had to put my hand over right button to prevent L. from pressing that. It would have been easier for him and me if we had had a left only click mouse, but I think the school is going to get one which is good. So thank you for an amazing educational experience. I hope that your company is looking at producing similar software and I shall certainly continue to recommend the three that I have to other teachers.

Suzie Terry

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I have installed one of the copies on my teacher computer and shared it with a 4th grade class and a 1st grade class. Both grade levels LOVED it.

Jan Morris

I work as a music director for Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, private school for the girls; and I teach in my private Piano Studio as well. Recently, I received one of the copies of "Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker" CD-ROM. I was very impressed with your product! That same day I played the games with one of my piano student who is five years old. The girl loved it so much that her mother went straight to ToysRUs to purchase a copy for the family. Tomorrow, I am planning to introduce the games to my Keyboard Lab at the school. I am certain that they would love too! Thank you very much for this special Holiday gift!
Happy Holidays!

Ms. Olesia Borisenko

I recently purchased your Mozart Interactive game and absolutely love it! On the CD cover it says you have many others available. How can I find these resources? I would like to get them for my elementary music classroom.
Thank you.

Jenifer Fraley

My 3rd - 5th grade students absolutely love it. This is the first technology lesson I have used with my music students, and I am really impressed. Thank you for creating such a terrific product and offering it to MENC members. I recommended it to parents.

Teresa Jeffreys

I was extremely delighted to receive the new Nutcracker CD-ROM. I am using it in my computer lab, and my students are LOVING it! I can't wait for your new ones. Please let me know right away.

Michelle Gordon 

Wow! The game is just great! I use it in the piano studio and by Thursday all the keys had been found. I'll look forward to the Magic Flute release. Great job! Thanks!

Susan Todd, Hillsboro, Oregon

I and my students are highly impressed with the Nutcracker CD-Rom.
I look forward to your future releases. Keep up the good work!

Deedra Linder