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Please Take a Moment to Read About the Many Features Offered by The Interactive Classics Series:

Systematic Approach:

In a systematic approach to addressing a standard, the Interactive Classics programs introduce, explain and help internalize musical concepts and skills, encourage critical thinking, provide a variety of activities, focus on learning outcomes, link students to needed skills and sequence content from easy to difficult.

Teacher-Controlled Features:
The teacher can change the course of instruction or practice for a student by selecting the appropriate level of activity or the sequence of skills to be practiced.

Technical Quality:
The award-winning Interactive Classics software provides the highest quality of multimedia features such as sound, graphics, animation and ease of navigation.

Multisensory Representations:
The Interactive Classics Series engages multiple modes of content presentation including audio, video, static imagery, and text.

Opportunity for Practice:
The Interactive Classics Series offers students ample opportunity to practice skill development.

Every program in the Interactive Classics Series comes with an integrated Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments, composers' biographies, as well as other reference materials that facilitate student progress.

Supplemental Materials:
Our supplemental materials, while extremely useful for a variety of instructional needs, are not intended as a full course of study.

Student-Controlled Features:
The student can provide input to change the course of the program, for example, choose between a group of characters to act as a “playing piece” (available for Alice in Vivaldi's Four Seasons program only), or control the pace of the instruction by selecting the appropriate skill level.

Please read the important information to make sure you understand the terms and conditions of licensing our software for school use.

School Lab and Site License Information:

Tigor Media (TM) titles may be licensed for use on multiple computers. If the software will be installed at a school, a site license is required. TM site licenses cover installation on an unlimited number of computers at one school or site, and they are non-transferable. Site licenses include both Windows and Macintosh versions of a program when available.

Please click here>> to see all available pricing options.

Ordering by Mail or FAX:
Schools or school districts requiring the issuance of purchase orders should send their purchase order to: Tigor Media, 36 Easton Street, Boston, MA 02134

Purchase orders may also be sent via FAX to: 615-694-6367.
Upon receipt of your purchase order, TM will mail you an invoice and a hard-copy site license/registration confirmation. It is important to note the name of the school where the software will be installed on the purchase order so that we may issue a site license to the correct school.

Ordering Online With a Credit Card:
Since many schools and districts have obtained credit cards for purchasing use, we also offer secure online credit card ordering >> Site license credit card transactions are processed securely using the latest in encryption technology. Once your order is processed, you will see a confirmation page - this is your hard copy site license and lists registration numbers for all site licenses ordered. You will also receive this information in email form, but we recommend that you print out the confirmation page.

Multiple Site License Discounts:
School districts who wish to order more than two site licenses for any single software title may wish to take advantage of our multiple site license discounts. Licenses are discounted 20% after the first two licenses purchased for any single title. Here's an example:

School District A orders The Nutcracker Music Game site licenses for 5 schools in their district.
The cost of the first two site licenses is the standard $380.00 each.
The cost of the third, fourth and fifth license is discounted 20% at $304.00 each. The District saves over $225.

As you can see, a district can save quite a bit by pooling the orders for schools in their district. We do require a signed purchase order listing the school names/towns for multiple site license requests.

We hope this information answers any questions you may have about TM site licensing. If you still have questions, please contact us >> at any time.