About us

Our philosophy:

We want children to love classical music as much as we do. To feel the music, derive pleasure from it and to have this wonderful music enrich their entire lives. We also want them to understand the music, to be intellectually stimulated by it. And to gain greater confidence in everything else they study and do. But if we can inspire the passion that we feel for the music in the life and mind of a child. This makes the rest easy!

That's why we design our music games to be both accessible and challenging. We reach for the highest standards in graphics, musical reproduction and gameplay. Yet, we never leave out the fun. Our company is comprised of music lovers and professional composers and musicians. The fact that we are also parents and educators helps us to put together a complete package: music games that teach valuable lessons and build skills. But most of all we make music games that kids love to play.

Interactive Classics - Who We are

Who we are:

The team that brings you the Interactive Classics series is comprised of passionate musicians, composers, music educators, artists, programmers and devoted friends who share a love of children and music. At the head of the team are:

Igor Tkachenko is an award-winning composer and pianist with an international reputation. Mr. Tkachenko has performed in major concert halls and festivals throughout Europe and the United States, including Carnegie Hall in New York, the Philharmonic Halls of Berlin and St. Petersburg, and the Helsinki National Opera.

Roman Yakub is an internationally acclaimed composer with rich experience in both traditional and electronic/computer composition. He was a MacDowell Colony Fellow (2000), a winner in the prestigious ALEA III International Composition Competition (1997), and a recipient of the ASCAP Annual Awards (2002, 2003).

Mirek Nisenbaum is a well-known animation artist and a recognized expert at computer graphic design for children's games and animation. He has received numerous awards and nominations, including the Best (Animated) Story Award at FlashForward, and the Best Animation Award at South by Southwest Interactive. His clients include Disney, Ericcson, HP, the US Army, Savin, Tykesville, HotWired, and MP4. Mr. Nisenbaum's work is currently on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in Dublin, Ireland.